Def and Defs Special Effects making guide

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Def and Defs Special Effects making guide

Post  Lizard Marshal on Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:33 pm


1.The programs

All programs who you need are listed here
-Photoshop(personal I use Photoshop CS2)
-MMArchive v.1.0.2
-DefTool - Create all kinds of Defs. Latest version is v.3.2.1.
-ResEdit 2
-Def Preview

2.Find the creature
If you make a hibryd or a your creation(in photoshop),you must fiind a good creature.An example,I make a hibryd creature,named Death Coloss.First I fiind the perfect combination.

3.Improve your creature
You combined the parts,but you don't like the colors,like my Death Coloss,the golden armor isn't fearsome,so I will change the yellow into black.How?It's simple,first select magnetic lasso,is under the last item on the left part.

After,select the armor carefully,if you want a advance desing you can keep some golden strips.Follow the red line in the picture for use the magnetic lasso.

Now open Image menu->Adjustements->Hue and Saturation.Select Yellow from the list and set lightness and saturation to -100,but if you don't want black use hue for change the color(WARNING: Don't set saturation/lightness to -100).

And here it's the result:

Now we deselect the part who is finished.Right click on the area and press deselect.

Press smuldge tool(the image with a finger)to make golden strips.Put the cursor on a yellow path and move it draw with it as in the second image.

Now for recoloring the weapon,if is white,gray or black and have a path of color,like titan weapon for exmple,use smuldgetool to put cyan on all weapon.

After select weapon with magnetic lasso(for don't affect the cyan background at animation) and use hue and saturation,press cyan on the color list and put -100saturation and lightness.

If at creature remains some weird path of color,like at my death coloss(red at boot's skull),use hue and saturation and set saturation and lightness to -100.

4.Make the animation

Open MMarchive select File menu->Open->H3sprite.lod and from menu def select creature option,now search your creature,personlally I need titan,so I found my def,right click and select your folder(ex:Death Coloss)

Now open DefPreview,prees the def name(ex:CGTITA.def) in the top of the list,after press menu Edit->Extract Picture and select your folder again.

Back in Photoshop open your folder and frames,now make very frame like your model creature.

Now open H3Deftool and put your images in necessary order,after press buton made def and ready.


Lights are important for magic attacks or shining armors,itsn't important,but make a great effect to animations.First you will learnt how to change brightness of a full creature.

First open your creature,let's say a troglodyte,now make a copy of your creature,how?it's simple,right click on image bar and select dupilcate 4 times.

Now select menu Image->Adjustements->Brightness and Contrast:

Set first copy brightness to 58:

Second to 80

Third to 100

And you will get somethink like this:

It's time for somethink advance,a shining aniamtion.Apply what you learn at Part 1,extract crusader mouse over frames in phototshop.Now select normal lasso tool,right click on magnetic lasso tool and select lasso tool.

Now draw stars in steps at first frame small to high stars to the last.The result will been somethink similar with this:


To make a building you must make three pictures,1 red shadown of building,contur and the building image.

Let's extract a necropolis building from heroes IV,but somethink is missing from it,hmmm,let's draw some ghosts effect.

First make one copy of building:

Now,select brush tool to and put opacity to 25%:

After deal iregular lines around the buildng and copy again,lines will be small at first copy to taller than building at fourth copy.

There's the result:

Now assamble it and make def at H3deftool and it's ready to put in game.

Well that's easy,piece of cake,if you want only a simple recolor that's the method(or use hue/saturation,but this is better)

First open menu Image->Adjustements->Replace Color.

After,select the blue on the lizard,now put hue,saturation and lightness how you want(I made like in my avatar).

Select now,the brown on lizard chlote and make same think.


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Re: Def and Defs Special Effects making guide

Post  Evil_Cat on Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:07 pm

Great tutorial,it helped me a lot cheers

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