Dawn of a new era

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Dawn of a new era

Post  Lizard Marshal on Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:08 pm

I worked at a lot of projects,but how about to combine all?A good idea,so there will be my other projects:Reptilian,Egyptian and Romanian Town,plus a lot of neutral creatures,artifacts etc.

The name says all: Dawn of a new era.A new age with dramtic changes,new races arrived,some old races perished.New technologies and structures.

New features:
+Reptilian Town replaces Fortress
+Egyptian Town replaces Stronghold
+Romanian Town replaces Conflux
+seasoned sharpshooters,war zealot,messengers and more creatures changed
+new adventure(extracted from AOE I and AOM)+towns buildings
+new artifacts
+bye,bye weak undead dragons
+new looks for lvl 8 creatures
+new looks for commanders

Special thanks to:
-Salamdre,itjustme,vladud2000,exx,acid dragon,darkloke and alex-ander for creatures


Possible Buildings:

First version will be downloadable soon and will contain:
+reptilian town
+some new neutral creatures
+some adventure objects

List of all replaced creatures(until now)!!
Gnoll -->Toxic Spider
Gnoll Marauder -->Black Widow
Gorgon -->Alsosaur
Mighty Gorgon -->T-rex
Shaman -->Templar
Goblin -->Spearman
Hogoblin -->Elite Spearman
Wolf Rider -->Nomad
Wolf Raider -->Desert Rider
Orc -->Bowman
Orc chieftan -->Sniper
Ogre -->Crocodile
Ogre Magi -->Pestuch
Cyclop -->Mounted Archer
Cyclop King -->Camel Archer
Behemoth -->Firebird
Ancient Behemoth-->Phoenix
Ogre Leader -->Osiris Priest
Pixie -->Bat
Sprite -->Vampiric Bat
Air Elemental -->Wolf
Storm Elemental -->Dire Wolf
Fire Elemental -->Strigoi
Energy Elemental-->Vampire
Earth Elemental -->Lychantrop
Magma Elemntal -->Werewolf
Phoenix -->Balaur
Air Messenger -->Holy Lancer
Fire Messenger -->Dinosauroid
Earth Messenger -->Death Guard
Water Messenger -->Raptor
L.Sharpshooter -->Muskeeter
A.Sharpshooter -->Skeleton Archer
Werewolf -->Tiger
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