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war machines

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War Machines

Common War Machines
These war machines can be bought in towns.

Trebuchet-attack walls during a siege.All heroes starts with it.If hero have engineering,it can also attack units.
Balista-attack enemy units during the combat.Cost 2000 gold and 5 wood
First Aid Tent-heal a number of hitpoints of the top creature of one of a friendly stack every turn.Cost 1500 gold and 2 wood
Ammo Cart-gives friendly ranged units unlimited shoots.Cost 2000 gold

Rare War Machines
These war machines can be bought only on specific adventure map objects.

Mana Spire-gives friendly spellcasters units unlimited mana.Cost 4000 gold and 5 flourite
Holy Totem-casts every turn a beneficial spell on a firendly stack.Cost 4000 gold and 5 flourite
Explosive Cannon-attack enemy units.Has area attack.Costs 5000 gold and 5 ore
Cursed Banner-casts every turn a hosstile spell on an enemy stack.Cost 4000 gold and 5 morion.
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