Heroes III Creature Contest

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Heroes III Creature Contest

Post  Lizard Marshal on Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:24 pm

You must combine 3 creatures into 1 creature.Creatures will be changed every round.The best creature win a Quality Point.You can recolor your creature,but not use part for anothers creature,whi aren't accepted this round.You must made story and stats,animation bring bonus points.

Image 0-5points
Stats 0-2 points
Story 0-3 points
Bonus 0-5 points

Choose one of the 3 groups of creatures:

1.Combine orc,green dragon and minotaur into a Dungeon Creature

2.Combine zombie,wight and swordman into a Necropolis Creature

3.Combine gnoll,hell hound and halfling into a Inferno creature.

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