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Quality Points

Post  Lizard Marshal on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:29 pm

I'm sure you seen the Quality Points(QP for shortly) in your profiles and messages.below are the most common questions about QP:

Q:What are quality points?
A:Quality Points are your count of Quality Posts.Quality Posts are normal posts who have a bonus applied by an Admin or Moderator.

Q:How I can get Quality Points?

A:Quality Points are gived for an extraordinary work or an inteligent and useful answer.

Q:I can give to another memebers Quality Points,if I am a simple memeber?
A:No,only a Moderator or an Admin can give Quality Points.But if you think one memeber's post is worth a QP,you can suggest here and admin/moderator can accept or not QP

Q:Quality Points gives me special advantages?
A:Yes,if you have a count of 20QP,you will be an special memeber and you can choose an name to your rank,except Admin and Moderator.But if Admin search a Moderator,if you have 25QP you can register in Moderator Contest.

Q:I can have negative QP count?
A:Yes,if you violate a rule you can have less QP,when will not have any QP,you will get negative count.At -5QP you can be Baned.
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